Style your marquee

When tailoring your marquee package we can offer several options. It can be confusing so we will illustrate features we can offer here for you. 



You can decide if you want your marquee floored. We make our own solid wooden flooring, we clean, sand and varnish it regularly. A large part of our winter off season is devoted to flooring.  It comes in panels, fits the marquees perfectly and each panel is laid and packed underneath by hand if needed to fill any undulations in the ground to ensure a flat, safe floor.  



If our wooden floor doesn't suit your needs, we can also carpet your marquee. Great for theming as it comes in a wide variety of colours. Also good for a uniform floor appearance throughout a large marquee. 



We offer two lighting options as standard. Plain fluorescent tube lighting or our chandeliers for dressed areas.  If you prefer to enhance your lighting options, a wide variety of chandeliers, festoon lighting and the coloured effect lighting you see in some of our photos can be created by Limelight Event Services.

Floored and unlined (lit by Limelight)


Something we are proud of is the fact that our marquees look great on their own.  Our walls and roofs are cleaned regularly and well looked after and provide a great 'blank canvas', to show off your own decoration and lighting.  Choosing not to line your marquee is a great idea for a rustic feel and a good idea for keeping to a budget. 

Ivory linings

Ivory Lining

The standard linings we offer are pleated ivory linings. These drape from the roof and also cover the walls (except for window walling). They provide a soft,elegant effect and provide a neutral platform for your decoration and lighting. 

Starlight linings

 Starlight/Blackout Linings 

Create a contrast in your marquee. Blackout linings with the option of millions of twinkling led starlights in the roof. 

You can use these to line individual sections or bays of your marquee.  Ceiling, walls and gable ends can be used together for example to cover the section of marquee where your band and dance floor are.

Wooden entrance door

 Wooden Door

Our mahogany wooden door is a nice contrast to the clean white walls. A classy entrance to your marquee. Looks fantastic teamed up with a porch or walkway. 
Panoramic window walls, roof, gables.

Panoramic Windows

Part of the attraction of having a marquee is that you can make any destination into a venues, so why hide away inside. 

We can offer panoramic windows by replacing your white roof, gable or wall panel with clear material.

You can chose to leave a single wall clear and line the rest of the marquee to create a view. Or incorporate more clear panels to bring the outside in.  

Reveal Curtain

Reveal Curtain 

For a wow! effect, our new reveal walling acts as a stage lift curtain to unveil a previously hidden dimension of your space.  The example in this photograph shows the curtain using in a wedding setting. 

Reveal curtain

During the day the curtain was lowered to create a soft Ivory draped 'wall' surrounding the ceremony, then as the day turned to evening, the reveal was raised and wow! 

Made to fit our 15m wide structure. 

Pole and drape screen

 Pole and Drape Screens

Discreet portable screens of varying size make a really handy accessory. They can be used to 'screen' off areas of your marquee. Here one is hiding the entrance of the catering annex of the marquee so guests can't see through to the kitchen, but waiting staff still have easy, clear access.  Ideal for screening off furniture such as dining tables or extra chairs you want hidden away till later in the day. 

Parquet Dance Floor

 Parquet Dance Floor

Pictured here under the starlight linings.  The floor can be laid in top of the standard flooring to create a defined dance area for your guests to party the night away. It can also be hired separately and laid in your own hall or function room to create a dancing area to protect the existing floor.